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Georgia is "State Champions" lol

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I'm sorry buddy but I had to talk a lot of crap last week. This is a rivlary I refuse to be classy to people who give me crap. When it comes to the GT team they're fun to watch and I hope they win a BCS bowl but this is just SWEET!

I listen to alot too, but I did not like the GT fans that did it after 1 win and I do not like our fans to do it after 1 win either. It was a great game and we got a great victory no reason to try and rub their nose in it. They are still going to a conference title game and a BCS bowl.....we are not.

I don't think we're going to run out and get rings made. -_-

I hope not.

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lol at being humble. its a rivalry game.. why be humble. you won, talk ish!

why are you acting like your the head coach or the AD or something lol.

I am a HC of a baseball team. I just do not like it. I do not let my team or fans do it. Talking is done on the field. Our team did that tonight. As far as I am concerned the conversation has been completed UGA talked the loudest today. Last year is gone and next year is a different story.

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where were you last year?

Awww. Poor baby tech fan. We've been putting up with your crap all season. We took your badgering all year long. Now get prepared to take it like a man, just like you dealt it....

Expect it for a few years though, Georgia has far better talent, and after this season, will have better coaches.

Tech got put in its place tonight. Plain and Simple. Be a man and shut it.

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