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We get to see what the Falcons are made of the next six weeks


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They just finished the roughest part of one of the roughest schedules in the NFL- 6 of 8 on the road, 4 against teams off a bye. They're 500, not great, but still with a shot at the playoffs.

Do they have the mental toughness to win 5-6 games and get into the playoffs?

I think they do. They've not quit in any games this year. Ryan has looked better the last two weeks ,esp.the second halves . Turner and Norwood are getting healthy.

and Falcons have more home games than any wild card contender, their road games are against sub-500 teams with rookie QBs.

Falcons play well at home- people forget that because they haven't seen it recently.

Falcon's playoffs start sunday.

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Yeah I want to see how explosive our offense will get. 31 points against the G-men without Turner and Norwood. Imagine what Turner, Snelling, and Norwood could do when their all healthy. If our offense played like it did in the 2nd half vs the g-men, we may be able to out score every team left on our schedule including the saints. Just imagine if Harry was healthy.

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I don't think this team will ever "quit".

Our main problem is lack of a CONSISTANT lineup due to ultra fragile players and/or above average number of key injuries. We've almost become a team of "spare parts" where some starters are of below average talent.

We have almost NO IMPACT PLAYERS. Very, very few. And the few we do have are all banged up or perform at a HIGH level every now and then. Not real consistant.

Will we make the playoffs ??

Not on our own.

We're going to need other teams to stumble and fall.

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true except the team kinda did quit in the pats game. thats why it was to me the worst loss.

I HATE Joe Buck !

But in all reality, Buck stated that the Falcons looked lethargic when they came onto

the field prior to the start of the game, and they stayed that way.

However I really enjoyed seeing that FAS Wilfork going to the locker room early. :D

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