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Joe Theisman picks the Bucs, said he was not on the Falcons Bandwagon.

Never mind the fact that the Bucs are 12 point underdogs.

I am really buying into the Golf Swing is the same as throwing a football.

What is your Handicap Joe ?

Oh gee Joe Im sorry, you said that you are just playing the percentages.

Lets draw a correlation between your handicap and the Percentage of.

Oh and before I forget, The Idiot of the Week belongs to Gritzblitzer

Thanks Gritzblitzer

Well after reading the "Norman" quote maybe I should

just rename this thread Tales from Beyond the Pale :lol:

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This is the same guy who changed the pronunciation of his last name from

"Thees-man" to "Thice-man" because he was in the running for the Heisman trophy, and wanted his name to rhyme with the award.

Credibility = 0

No matter what he's does though Joe will always rhyme with Schmoe.

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