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Changes to ovetime?

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What are the chances that the NFL takes a look at the overtime set up before next season?

It has bothered me for a long time and from what I can see the NFL is the only league with such a broken sysem.

In the CFL each teams scrimmages from the opponents 35 yardline, basically in fieldgoal range right off the hop.

If the D does their job they only give up a FG, or even better pushes the O out of FG range.

Then the other team gets a chance to either match the FG or get a TD and win.

Rather than having to rely on only one part of your team both the defense and Offense have a chance to win the game for you.

Seems like a much better system to me. But then I'm likely a little biased.

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Unfortunately I don't think they will change it. I have heard them say for several years that when they ask coaches and players about the current overtime system most of them like it. Personally I have no idea why or how coaches and players could like it. I have not liked it for years now and to me it seems obvious that it is not a fair system at all.

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I've heard it discussed as a topic to bring up in the Competition Committee this off season, but that does not mean it will get anything but at least a cautiary glance. With McKay on the Committee, maybe the sting of the NY loss will have him champion it a bit more... but his place did not save us from a schedule that had 4 Bye opponents.

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