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Brent grimes and Chris owens


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this height thing is seriously overrated. it wouldnt be an issue if our guys learned how to PLAY THE BALL. even a 6'5 receiver has to come down with the ball so if you knock it out when he lands or time your jump right and knock the ball out its not a catch. Our DBs need to be ocached to attack the ball.

asante samuel 5'10, chris owens is 5'9. if anyone blames his failure on an inch. their ridiculous.

grimes height isnt his problem, its his footwork (he slips alot) and his ability to play the ball. he can jump with any receiver but jumping and flailing your arms isnt going to do anything.

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Grimes is 5'8" and Owens is 5'10"....End of thread

Yes, but Owens neck is about 3 inches longer than most peoples so I don't know if he actually reaches any higher.

Seriously though I think the fact that Grimes benches less than almost anybody in the NFL has a lot to do with his problems and it is more that than his height. I do agree that he slips a lot too. I've been a big fan of Grimes since last year, but these are unfortunately the facts.

I also agree that they will target Owens because he is a rookie playing his first game at corner.

I am pretty sure that owens can jump pretty high, but not quite as high as grimes. Grimes jumps like Spud Webb out there.

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grimes problem is that he isn't physical. he's little and WR shove him around. they break his tackles and it's like they're not even being covered.

antoine winfield is 5'9 but he's one of the most physical corners in the league. he'll jam you, he'll play the run and he tackles just as good as anyone on the defense.

grimes is a little man that plays little.

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