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I'm done with being negaitive: Georgia will beat the Reck this week.

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did anyone hear chuck and chernoff this week? Matt Chernoff was talking about how UGA fans will be down coming off the kentucky loss, a little depressed on monday, tuesday start to wanna believe, and then by wednesday have developed all these crazy scenairos how they will win. but come saturday, everything is still the same. lol

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After all these years you guys should know huh? congrats on one good year, now hold on to your success.

"I'm a Wreck from Georgia Tech, I wish I could play football" lol

Wow, you're clever :rolleyes:

Since when did 9-4 and 10-1 (thus far) seasons in back-to-back years become only one good season? I'd say it looks like Tech is building consistency and getting better each year (though it is only a small sample size).

Don't be a baby about it.

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You are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Your choice though.

No chance-I made my choice nearly 20 years ago when I chose schools. I'm a Dawg-whether we win or lose, I wouldn't rather be anything else. :P


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