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a realistic look at our remaining schedule & other WC teams schedule


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Pretty safe to assume Minnesota, NO and Ariz win their divisions

NFC East is still up for grabs

so that leaves

5 teams shooting for 3 spots, one of which we cant(because its the NFC East crown) and we look at it as 5 teams shooting for 2 spots

Us-- we have an outside chance, but one that is not to hard if we can go 5-1, because I think 10-6 gets us in, the we need to go 2-1 against Philly, NO and the Jets, possible??? but tough

Green Bay- @det, Balt, @ chicago @pitt, seattle, @ariz, even with Al Harris Kampman, thats a hard schedule, with losses probably in chi, pitt and ariz, but without those 2(lost for the season) 3-3 or 2-4 is real, the would finish at best 9-7

NY-@denver, dallas, philly, @wash, car, @minn, wish the denver game was going to be tougher, but without Orton, might be an easy one, I still see 3 losses, so they finish 9-7-- we can allow them in, since they have the TB

Dallas-Oakland, @ny, SD, @NO, @Wash, philly, again, we want them to win the division, because if we both finish 10-6, they get the TB(unless they have a total melt down and go 1-5, which is honestly possible, but more realistic 3-3

Philly- Washington, @atl, @ny, sf, denver, @dallas, this is the biggy, beacuse we still have the possible tie breaker adv over them, if we win against them again, I can see them going 3-3

it looks like if we can go 5-1, and the loss is either to NO or the Jets(out of conference), heck Id even take the Bills(again out of conference)

and everyone else goes 3-3, we would be in, either way,

we should become fans of the Redskins and Broncos

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