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Want FIRST ROW - 2010 Season Tickets


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OK, I know its early but I decided to sell my 2010 Falcons season tickets as a set.

Two seats first row in Sec 201, right next to Club. No one standing or jumping up in front of you to block your view!

All I want to do is retain 1 game, you get 9 games to use or re-sell.

Proposed arrangement:

1. You pay $250 deposit to me upon agreement. Deposit counts fully towards your purchase.

2. You pay the balance that is due per 2010 STH prices to me, no later then 2 weeks before final payment is due to Falcons.

3. If you do not pay the full balance with a valid payment by the due date to me, you loose your entire deposit and all rights to the tickets.

4. After schedule is released I get to pick my 1 game [2 tickets] after you pick your top 3 games. After I pick my one game, the balance of games are yours.

5. When tickets are issued you get the tickets for your 9 games and I retain my 1 game.

Email me if serious interest or questions.

jim 77 zion at yahoo com [no spaces]

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