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I understand that we should have overcome Elams pissed i mean missed field goal attempt but does he understand the momemtum he KILLS when he does that. Not to mention the field position he gives the other team?? Also, Elam quit looking at Keonan like he did somthing wrong! Your the one hoppin around like you have no idea when the ball is coming! Sorry, had to get that rant out but to shorten it out.... CUT ELAM (like yesterday)

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I can name you 8 kickers with professional football experience who would not miss 35 yard field goals in consecutive weeks.

6 of them are available right now!

That's what I don't get. I figured that the FO wasn't making a move because there was nobody out there. If there are indeed kickers available, why the f$#% aren't we looking at them?

I have heard of a tryout session for kickers at Morehouse today. Wonder how that will turn out?

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