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We needs to fix our 3rd down D?


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I understand that we dont have the best corners in the league and we have to play our most paid players eventhough the talent isnt there. For example, number 98 getting that big bucks but i think falcons dont want to look like an idiot for wasting a 1st round pick and paid him alot of money to sit on the bench and for houston who cares if he was a 2nd round pick. He has no awareness of where the ball is at and one good thing about grimes is that he actually learning from his mistakes and try his hardest but he just too small and not really fast enough to play good receivers. I mean Houston ran 4.3 at the combine but dont know how to use his speed where brian williams is actually a saftey and can cover better than houston. Like i said before we need some Vets at Def. not a bunch of speedy little guys have no clue out there. Dont know how to play the ball dont know how to position themeselves or dont even study their receivers tells. Like D. Sanders said you got to know how to use your leverage on wr and know how the like to run their routes and play to their weakness. for example, if you know a reciever dont like going to the middle then force him in the middle not making him use the sidelines on you. Taller recievers like to use the sidelines so they can use their height and shorter recievers like the inside. Playing corners is also a thinking mans game as well.. come on guys!!

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