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Falcons = NFL's Litmus Test?


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Is it just me, or are the Falcons where the NFL goes to get well?

1) Patriots were described as "on the ropes." Brady was a hated man who had, "Lost it," since the injury. Victory over Falcons...they are the Patriots of Old.

2) Dallas is a team without an identity. They crush Atlanta in a big home game to answer questions. Two weeks later they take control of the division for the time being.

3) NYG go into their bye stumbling. They come out with a career game for, "the other Manning." They are now in the Wild Card drivers seat.

Are we they NFL's litmus test? If you beat us, you're pretty good. If you lose to us, their is always next year. Are we that team? You know, the team that isn't good enough to scare you but that is good enough to be considered a quality win for anyone?

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I understand where you are coming from. I cringed every time they mentioned the streak about the road team winning 12 straight between the 2 teams. I'm so tired of having the same feeling every time we go into a game where we should win. I feel like we are on the way to being the team we've been dreaming of since our youth, but man it still feels like the same ole Smith Family era Falcons lately.

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