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OT Rules

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I like that NBC brought up the unfairness of the NFL OT Rules.

I would like them to change it to if a team scores a field goal then the other team gets a chance and must score a TD or if a Team scores a TD then the other team must score a TD and 2 pt conversion.

The only way a team can win without the other team getting the ball is to score a TD and convert a 2pt conversion.

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Yeah I think anyone with any sense knows the nfl has the dumbest and most unfair overtime rules in sports. I think anyone who watched that game would say the falcons got screwed because of that rule. They had come back from a big hole only to not even get a chance to touch the ball in overtime. It's a screwjob plain and simple. It was nice to see him totally bury the nfl on it and he pointed out how unfair it was for the falcons not to get a chance.

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I don't have a problem with the overtime rules. It stunk for us today but our defense gave up a big play to set up that FG.

Draft order is decided by coin flips (and nearly impossible playoff scenarios). We got Matty Ice because we won a draft order coin flip. Therefore I have no problem with it.

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The draft thing is a pretty weak comparison. So is the opening coin flip. In both of those cases you get your turn eventually.

I'm okay with the rules...but it does bite at time. Because of the rules...I would take the Patriot approach. I would just go for two on a "tying" score with under a minute to go.

The ONLY way to control your own fate is to try for two. I personally had much rather win or lose when I KNOW I have my hands on the ball with 2 yards to get. I have heard many coaches say you don't deny you team a chance in OT after they spill their guts to tie the game. I respect the position, but it is no slam for the Falcon's coaches to feel that it is a mistake to take a chance on putting the defense back on the field.

So, it is unfair. However, it is not like we didn't have a chance. We had our chance with 20 something seconds left and elected to play it "safe?"

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