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with the number of games left...


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it will weed out the REAL fans from the bandwagon riders.There is still a chance to finish over .500,maybe make the playoffs,but if not,I still feel this team is heading in a positive direction.The right players in the right positions added will make a big impact,CB,DT,pass rusher(besides abe)

Ya whether or not we have a +.500 season or not I am happy with the way our team is progressing. I only see good things. My only real wish is that Tony Gonzo gets a Superbowl with us. Because I know Matt Ryan is going to have a superbowl ring before it's all said and done with. I just hope for Tony Gonzo's sake because he seems like a real standup guy. Too bad Kansas City has always been so horrible, he was a real leader there and is making a huge impact on our team now.

Anyways, ya. No worries. Everything is going to be smooth sailing for us sooner than later.

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