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Get ready for some great football from here on out.


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I haven't been posting here on the boards for a while because I have been having to work on Sundays (starting on week 1 of the season) so I have been watching the Falcons on my DVR and it just hasn't been the same for me on gameday. So when I came online a few minutes ago I realized that we are pretty much on track with where I thought we would be at this point and I actually feel pretty good about what we are doing now.

I picked us at this point to be 5-5 overall, 1-2 in the division and 5-3 in the conference so I was off by a game because we are actually 4-4. I think I just got so caught up in how bad I perceived us to be playing that I forgot that it's a whole season that we have to contend through. It's much more my nature and many others to live week to week through the season.

At any rate I feel good about where we are at and I truly feel that we are still going to finish at 11-5 or at worst 10-6 which gets the monkey off of our backs when it comes to back to back winning seasons. The swing game is going to be the Philly game in my opinion. Other than that I expect the Falcons to take care of business.

It's going to be sweet ending the New Orleans winning streak and do understand that the toughest part of our schedule is over now. We have Philly and N.O. back to back but other than that we take on T.B. twice, a spiraling Jets team, and the Bills.

If we play as tough as we did today in hostile territory then we should still win at least 5 out of 6 of those games.

It's time for a home stand now of three games with T.B. hopefully being our first step towards righting the ship.

It's important to remember that the season is not a sprint it's truly a marathon and getting down on your team and turning on each other here on the boards is not the way to go. Support your team and your board.

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I agree. I had us going 10-6 this year. So far, we're right on pace for that. I was expecting to split these "teams off of the bye" games, which we did.

I really only seeing us losing one more this year...if that.

We might actually match last year's 11-5, but I have a feeling either Philly or NO will be our last stumbling block. We win both of those, and 11-5 here we come.

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