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We are very close to being an elite team, but we are not there yet


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Many forget that we have an exceptionally young roster right now and TD and Smitty just took over last year.

It's very clear to me we have a core of many young, talened players to build around. We do still need some additional pieces though. Mike Peterson is decent, but we need another bad azz LB to line up next to the youthful and talented Lofton.

We have some very good young DL who will continue to grow, but Abe is either ijured or on the way out......not sure which one it is.

Our offense sputters way more than I wouldhave hoped, but so many awesome NFL QBs played far worse than Rycan in theior second years. Matt Ryan is the future, but some seem t forget he is still deep in the learning curve.

We have been very, very close in some key losses this year, a play or two away. Once we get a couple more pieces and more experience under these kids bel;ts I have a lot of faith we are going to go from frustratingly inconsistent to elite.

The last 2 weeks have been hard games to watch...man is it frustrating. But the reason it is so frustrating is hat we are right on the cusp....we are just about there and it kills us to watch us not make it over the edge.

Good things will come to those that practive patience here.

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