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Game over..Thanks Elam

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The Falcons have never come back under Mike Smith after trailing by 2 scores (10 pts.) going into halftime.

Elam misses another field goal inside 36 yrds. and Matt Ryan is not able to make plays. This is the story of our season.

We can thank Elam for missing a huge field goal for the third game this season.

There goes THIS game and possibly our ENTIRE SEASON!!!

Why didn't we CUT HIS PUNK AZZ A LONG TIME AGO??????? :angry::angry::angry::angry:

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It's time to FIRE ELAM. Get a new kicker guys, cut this guy, please.

I have been a Falcons fan to the core for as long as I can remember. I stuck with the team through the Vick thing and will be a fan no matter what. BUT it is time to look for a new kicker. FIRE ELAM immediately.

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