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Don't forget who spoiled Eli's debut


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That was the game MeAngelo nearly had one heck of an INT with about 80 yards of open field in front of him. If I remember correctly it was called back because of a false start.

Don't think so. I do remember he had a recovery from a fumble which was overturned though - but I don't remember an interception. I could be wrong - been a while.

I remember this game well though - because my girlfriend and I went. I remember I was calling them the NY Punts because they were punting so much (so were we - but we had a score) until Shockley got a TD.

I think Crump had 2 that day.

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That was a different secondary also, I look for Eli to be licking his chops at our current squad who has shown they lack the skills needed to play well consistently. I'd love to think they could capitalize on a down team but just don't have any faith in them, just haven't seen anything from the defense that says they can go out and beat a hurt team like the Giants.

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