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wild prediction


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BAL 1999 8 8 0 .500 3rd in AFC Central - - - -

BAL 2000 12 4 0 .750 2nd in AFC Central 4 0 1.000 Beat New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV

BAL 2001 10 6 0 .625 2nd in AFC Central 1 1 .500 Lost to Pittsburgh Steelers in Divisional Round

BAL 2002 7 9 0 .438 3rd in AFC North - - - -

BAL 2003 10 6 0 .625 1st in AFC North 0 1 .000 Lost to Tennessee Titans in Wild-Card Round

BAL 2004 9 7 0 .563 2nd in AFC North - - - -

BAL 2005 6 10 0 .375 3rd in AFC North - - - -

BAL 2006 13 3 0 .813 1st in AFC North 0 1 .000 Lost to Indianapolis Colts in Divisional Round

BAL 2007 5 11 0 .313 4th in AFC North - - - -

BAL Total 80 64 0 .556 5 3 .625

Total[14] 80 64 0 .556 5 3 .625

He is Mike Smith's brother in law. Smitty used to work with him.

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The Ravens missed the playoffs in 2004 (9–7) and 2005 (6–10) before bouncing back in the 2006 season. Billick fired offensive coordinator Jim Fassel on October 17, 2006, assuming the role for the remainder of the season, as the Ravens earned a franchise best 13–3 record, won the AFC North and earned the first playoff bye in team history.

And a family relation....

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Before taking the Ravens job Billick was an offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings for six seasons. During that time, several aging quarterbacks were allowed to flourish under his deep ball heavy game plans. These quarterbacks would include Warren Moon, Brad Johnson, Randall Cummingham and even one of the grumpiest quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League in Jeff George.

Receivers like Cris Carter, Jake Reed and even a young Randy Moss would pick a part defenses on a weekly basis under Billick at the Metrodome. "

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We gonna get Paul Johnson and bring Vickster back to run the triple o baby. LOL. Sorry, I had to do it.

Seriously, sometimes it just seems like the scripted portion of the offense goes well. Opening drives and first series in the no huddle are likely scripted portions of the game. So, the offensive coordination seems to be fine. It is the playcalling beyond the easily scripted portions of the game that needs some work. Maybe we keep our OC and find a playcaller. Who is our QB coach? Maybe he can call plays?

I don't like the idea of Bilick personally. I hope your crystal ball is cloudy.

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Charlie Weiss would make a good Falcons OC. I don't see him getting fired by Notre Dame at end of the year, but if he did I would love to have him.

I'm pretty sure Weiss is gone. I live near ND and it seems pretty clear that he's done.

I could go either way about wanting him as OC. I'm not convinced, he's lost the confidence he used to have.

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I would much rather see Monte Kiffin get tired of hanging out with his son in Tennessee and bump BVG. I have seen better games scheme wise on offense than defense in the last 2 years.

I agree to an extent but I'm tired of playing not to lose. I guess that could be said for both.

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