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draft needs and mock

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1-LDE that tackles well and can rush passer.

2-LCB that tackles well and can cover.

3-a target for matt ryan whether a TE or WR.

4-a RB(5-10, 215) to spell turner

5-a OL to take over ojinakka's spot and develop whether LT or OC.

6-an OLB.

7-a SS with ball skills.

8-a QB to groom as ryans back up.


1-DE-brandon graham

3-RB-ben tate

3-TE-ed dickson

4-SS-kurt coleman

4-OC-stefen wisniewski

5-CB-walter mcfadden

5-LB-sam maxwell

6-QB-tony pike

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after the giants game i'm convinced more than ever that LDE and LCB are needs 1 and 2, but #2 WR is a close #3 need. snelling may be good enough behind turner, although i like him as the 3rd string RB. i still want a #2 RB that is a combo back with good hands like brian westbrook.

1-LDE-brandon graham

3-NT-dan williams

3-SS-kurt coleman

4-WR-kerry meier

4-CB-walter mcfadden

5-OC-chris hall

5-RB-kieland williams

6-TE-dennis morris

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