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Game preview - Falcons @ Giants


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I saw this on nfl.com

Pretty interesting...hope it hasn't been posted yet...

if so, sorry.

Game: Atlanta at New York (1 p.m. ET)

Venue: Giants Stadium

Last time at site: Michael Vick had 104 yards rushing as the Falcons held off the Giants, 14-10, in Week 11 of the 2004 season.

Reason for road optimism: In one of the NFL’s strangest trends, the road team has won every Falcons-Giants game since 1979. So while Atlanta’s 1-4 record on the road this season would seem to be an ominous sign, the remarkable history between these teams outweighs anything that has happened in just 10 weeks of 2009. It should also be remembered that Atlanta had similar struggles at the beginning of last season, starting 1-3 on the road, before rebounding to finish 3-1 away from the Georgia Dome. Roddy White possesses the kind of elite skill at receiver that has given the Giants difficulties all season, and given the background of these teams and the playmaking ability of White, Atlanta will head into New York with confidence.

Since Eli Manning became the team’s full-time starting quarterback in 2005, the Giants have made the playoffs every year. Another staple of the Manning era, however, has been the team’s mediocre play in the month of November, specifically at home. New York is 9-9 overall in November since 2005 and is 4-5 in front of its fans over that time period. Throw in the fact that the Giants are in the midst of a four-game losing skid, and New York will enter the game with little positive momentum. If the Falcons are able to get off to a fast start and put even more doubt into Giants’ players heads, it could be too tough for New York to overcome.

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We are playing an O that has been up and down. And I believe that they might have gotten their problems sorted out, but the key in this game is beating them at their own game, and that is controlling the clock. Snelling can get the job done and Norwood is huge to this O. Norwood will help spread this D out just like he did against San Fran, AND he did it on plays he never even touched the ball.

Snelling and Wood have the advantage over Pierce on routes and Boley 1 on 1 with Tony is something we want. Not to forget but befe Norwood got hurt against the Bears he did the same thing. Split out and spread the D out without touching the ball.

I beleive Snelling adds something new to this O and that is getting on the MLB and making plays in the passing game. Turner was starting to do it more and more, but Snelling is just another threat for Matt Ryan. And right now we need to give Matty Ice all the options he needs. He can throw 40 check down passes if he wants to, anything to make him feel a little more comfortable in the pocket.

But imagine Snelling and Wood in the backfield, Tony at TE and Jenks and White on the outside. Wood splits out to the left, Jenks moves over to the slot. So automatically a CB covers Wood and he might be to fast for the Giants CB's anyways. Wood takes the CB and Safety deep, Tony runs a post so he should have a LB underneath and the Safety over the top. Drag Roddy across the field for a little pick and get Snelling on Pierce and thats a matchup we win.

Now I know we probably will not run that play. But im 18 im going to college to become a football coach and with backs like we have Sunday if turner cant go are very capable of being flexible like this. And I hope I can find two backs like that in high school because I will find tape on both of these guys, because I believe they are some of the few RB's that can run, block, and catch and do each one of those areas as well as the other.

Once again I have really no clue about all of the Giants personnel on D, but I do know we have the advantage out their on O IF WE CONTAIN THE GIANTS PASS RUSH. If we dont take care of that, flexible RBs like a Snelling and Norwood are useless because they have to block.

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The biggest thing about this game that worries me is; like the cowboys, the gmen are very big, physical, and talented along both lines, O and D. If the gmen dominate the LOS like Dallas did against us, we're doomed.

very true. Im more worried about our D-line than our O line... we really need abe to show up this week and we have to have good push in the middle or they will run all over us all day long.. I expect a big game out of jamaal anderson ( i refuse to use ja98 anymore... oops i just did it)..

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