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Another Matt Ryan Thread.


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I would like to first say that I can be found every home game in section 351, row 7 seat 8. I personally witnessed Matt Ryan throw int after int in New Orleans. I cursed the t.v as Ryan threw 2 critical Int vs Carolina.

I to have been critical of Matt's play as of late. I have mentioned Matt's lack of arm strength and decision making.

As the game approaches, Im calling for all my fellow critical fans to root for our young QB. Let's give him a little more time before we call for his benching. Let's be thankful that he is working on his weaknesses.

Let's hope that he gets back on the right track.

Although, I'm rooting for Matt's success I must add I WANT TO SEE IMPROVMENT IN THIS GAME. If we lose to the G-men, so be it. I want a game without costly ints.

In conclusion, I'll restate my request. I want my fellow critical fans to root FOR Ryan, and i want to see improvement in THIS GAME!

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Being critical is not what most of the guys starting all these threads are doing. They are bashing. I have been upset with his play of late too but you don't see me starting thread after thread bashing him. He'll be fine....

Falcon Homers wouldn't know the difference between being critical and bashing if it hit em in the face.

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His arm is fine, he can throw the ball 55 yards.

This is some stupid crap started by some stupid 'fan' who knows nothing about football.

Nothing pisses me off worse then saying he has a week arm, he clearly doesn't. His recent games have been mental and Mike Mularky's calls. He doesn't get a chance to throw bombs often, but trust me he can.

Weak arm, such a weak argument.

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