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Some info on Rambo UGA fans.


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Watcher16 writes: You noted in an earlier post how Rambo wanted to hear his name chanted after a big play. When he's available to the media again, can you ask him if he was conscious enough to know that was happening, and if so, what he thought? Also, can you ask the defensive players what was going through their minds the first play after that hit and if they felt extra motivation/energy/adrenaline to get to the QB in honor of their fallen teammate?

David: We haven't had access to talk to Rambo since the injury, but reports are that he's doing fine. The sad part, however, is that he doesn't remember anything about the hit or the aftermath.

I talked to Nick Williams, one of Rambo's closest friends on the team, who said he talked to Rambo the next day in the hospital. Apparently Rambo didn't lack for visitors. He said the hospital room was packed. And while Rambo's visitors told him about everything that happened, he didn't remember any of the details himself.

“He didn’t actually remember what happened at the time but after he saw it, he kind of remembered stuff around the injury,” Bryan Evans said.

Even after Rambo regained consciousness, the details are fuzzy. In fact, he had no recollection of the fans chanting his name following the injury.

"That was crazy, everybody was yelling 'Rambo' like in the movies or something," Williams said. "And he told me he didn't remember, and he didn't even remember the stuff up to the event. I was like, 'You didn't hear 93,000 people saying Rambo?' But he said he didn't hear anything. He said it was like he couldn't see and he couldn't talk at the same time, so I was like, 'OK, he was going through some things.'"

As for how scary it was for the other players, there's no doubt it took it's toll. Virtually everyone I talked to discussed how tense it was while the players waited for official word on Rambo's status, but Williams probably put it best:

"It was like losing my brother. When you play with people so long -- and I've been to a lot of his games even in high school -- you think they're invincible. I didn't ever think Rambo could get hurt because he's never gotten hurt. But when I saw him not moving, it was like reality struck, like, man he could really be hurt. I was crying on the field. It would have been like that for anybody, but especially for me. We grew up together. It was like, is this real? I just couldn't believe. When he held his hand up -- I think about what could have been."

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