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Pretty Funny Team Fail Names

Top Flight

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Cincinnati "Bungles"

Cleveland "Frowns"

New Orleans "Aints"

Tampa Bay "Succaneers"

Indianapolis "Jokes"

New England "Faketriots"

Washington "Deadskins"

Dallas "Cowgirls"

Carolina "Panties"

Green Bay "Slackers"

Detroit "Cryin" (ehhh....not so much a rhyme but it WORKS :D )

New York "Pets"

Miami "Coffins"

Oakland "Taders" (like tader tots lol)

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These are some I've heard/seen before. Not saying they are good ones.

Philadelphia Eagirls or Philadelphia Feables. Seen both of those.

St. Louis Lambs

San Diego Doltz (Instead of Boltz, like the lightning bolts on their helmet. Also have seen this with Indy.)

Seattle Seachickens

Cleveland Clowns (and also the Frowns that you have)

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