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Snelling, Ryan, Elam...


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Ok, I rarely open my mouth here, but now I have to.

Is it just me, or is Snelling a good runningback? Turner is my favourite player on this team and I know he has been the best force we have had on couple of last weeks, but somehow his injury is not worrying me so much. I can trust our running game to Snelling's hands and Stecker's too.

In the beginning of the season, I wouldn't thought that most concerning things in the middle of the season would be Ryan and Elam. I think Ryan has been OK, but he has made couple of bad mistakes. Still love him as our QB and wouldn't bench him, but something is missing now...I don't know what.

Elam is a another story. I'm not one of those who demand replacing the kicker after one missed FG from 58 yards, but something has happened to this guy. Maybe it is that hamstring, maybe confidence, maybe the age or money, but he is not reliable anymore. I would like to see us test some other kickers, maybe this Coutu guy from UGA. By the way, Mort is still under 50 years old. I think he would still have some gas in the tank...or maybe not. :P

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