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Enough with the Ryan debating, how about some Falcons trivia!


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Ok, this has been discussed before, but I am banking on those people not being here or not remembering.

I actually just found a thread from April discussing the biggest comeback in Falcons history, and none of them actually got it right. The Chris Miller game against the Packers has been discussed, but that deficit was only 14. A 24-6 deficit to the Cardinals was discussed, but that wasn't correct either.

The largest deficit overcome by the Falcons to win a game is 21 points and it's been done twice. Ironically, neither of these games are remembered when fans discuss the greatest games of all time. As a matter of fact, I assembled a list of the 20 greatest games in Falcons history on BR, and neither of these games appeared. Out of all of the people who read the article only one person commented on one of these games missing. As a matter of fact, neither game is even the most famous game from that particular season.

The other ironic aspect of these games is that they happened the same year, just 5 weeks apart.

So, here is the quiz. What year was it, and what were the two teams that the Falcons beat? And a double bonus if you can tell me the Falcons starting QB for each game.

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OK, I am ending this trivia thread due to general lack of interest from Falcon nation.

Congrats to dude for getting the win against the Pack in 1983 in overtime 47-41. More on that in a second.

The first 21 point comeback that year was against the Jets. Down 21-0 in the third quarter, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson got the comeback started wit a 15 yard TD reception from Steve Bartkowski. After a William Andrews TD reception brought the Falcons within a TD, White Shoes finished the comeback with a 74 yard punt return TD. Mick Luckhurst added two FGs and the Falcons won 27-21.

Five weeks later, the Falcons fell behind the Green Bay Packers 21-0 in the first half in a game that led Mike Moroski at QB. At halftime, the Falcons completed a hail mary to Stacey Bailey to pull within 24-21. It was the second consecutive game the Falcons completed a hail mary, more on that in a sec. With the scored tied 34 all in the 4th, Kenny Johnson scored on a pick 6 to give the Falcons a late lead. The Packers sent the game into overtime with a last minute TD, and Kenny Johnson promptly ended it in overtime with another pick 6. Exciting game, people barely remember it.....because.....

The week before the Falcons played the 49ers at home. Early in the game Kenny Johnson laid one of the most brutal hits in Falcons history knocking out Renaldo "Skeets" Nehemiah cold, effectively ending in his career. The game ended on what of the 3 or 4 most famous plays in Falcons history when White Shoes caught a deflected bomb, then danced and manuevered the final 5 yards for the winning TD. He probably didn't really score, but they called it a TD and replay wasn't around then. Sucks for the Niners.

That 1983 was one **** exciting football team. Too bad they went 7-9.

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