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Where's the pass rush?


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I thought I'd bring up an actual football discussion, which seems lacking lately with all the fire and brimstone posts.

Where the **** did our pass rush go?! Seeking some insight, I took a look at the past few games to see if my untrained eyes can pick up any trends.

BINGO! 92 and 98 on the edge = no pass rush. No real surprise here, except that you think we would learn. :rolleyes: I was really hoping when our favorite DE, Anderson, was moved to the interior and performed fairly well that his days playing DE were behind us. Think again! :( Nothing against the guy, but I really think he made much more impact in the interior than he has ever made as a DE.

I took a look back at the game against the 49ers since we had a good rush that game. I saw a lot of downs with 98 in the interior. 3rd downs were often 71, 98, 95, 55 (yes, I know they have names) on the line, which I feel is our best pass rush lineup and was rather effective in getting pressure. Didn't see much of Davis at all.

Then looking at Washington, where we had a good defense in the first 1/2 and a complete let down on the first 2 drives of the 2nd 1/2. First half was a lot like the 49ers game. Anderson on the inside sometimes, usually next to 71. 55 and 71 on the edges a lot, which creates good chaos. The 2 abysmal drives had a whole lotta plays with 92 and 98 on the edges at the same time. Actually, when Washington got inside the 50, it was almost exclusively 92 and 98 on the edge. Yikes!

This past game against Carolina showed a very lackluster pass rush. Disappointing since I'm used to seeing Abrham light em up. Lots and lots of 92 and 98 on the edges, both together and if not, usually opposite 55. I don't ever remember 98 on the inside and very few sets with 71 and 55 on the edges together.

My point is we get very lackluster results when 98 and 92 are on the edges and they have proven to be no threat in that position over their careers and I also don't see them playing the run all the well from the end. Anderson does well on the interior against the run, has good quickness for that position, but definitely lacks speed. He also looks lost in space sometimes on the edge.

I understand the need to rotate linemen, but please don't put these two together on the same series, especially on the ends. Abraham hasn't been quite the force this year, but is still dangerous and Bierman (sp?) mixes it up very well and finds ways to disrupt the QB.

Not that I have a say, but I just hope to **** that I don't see good ole' 98 and 92 together out there against the Giants. Eli would sure appreciate it.

Any thoughts?

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THere was no pash rush last week cause Jake was doing 3 steps and throwing quick slants and short 10 and outs. THeres no time for a passrush when a quaterback is doing that. Our corners play so back that the panthers use that to there advantage. Good game planning in there part, I would of done the same thing.

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