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First I want to start out by saying that we did lose a game that we should’ve had. I think that we all need to take a second. Take a deep breath & take a look at the whole picture. We had a pretty good year, but we snuck up on teams last season. This year we were dealt a pretty brutal schedule. Schedule aside. We won games using Matt Ryan in a way that was quarterback friendly. I feel that we may have switched the game plan possibly a year too early. Our offense is out of sync because they haven’t had the opportunity to get a rhythm. All great offenses need time to gel. We couldn’t possibly think that we were going to just go to the Super Bowl without going through some growing pains. We’re well on our way. Its going to take patience & consistency for our team to reach its expectations. I see people on these boards writing Matt Ryan off way too early. These are the times as a fan, that makes a Super Bowl victory that much special. So lets give the guy a break. Give him a chance to mature. I trust that he won’t let us down. Matt Ryan is a young quarterback that may be looking to his security blanket way too much. He needs to settle down in the pocket. Stop with the “Happy Feet”. You can tell if he’s going to complete a pass by his mechanics. That’s how good his decision making actually is. This is the NFL & to be as successful as a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. I think that Matt Ryan was already aware of the talent at this level, but he’s probably learning the hard way that his game has to evolve constantly. Oone big thing that I think we have gone away from is clock control. We owned teams when we controlled the clock. There’s no questioning his preparation or his desire to win. An NFL career doesn’t last all that long, but Matt Ryan has so much time to become what we all know he’s capable of. As great a player as Drew Brees is. He needed time for the offense to grow & gel together. We’re only in year 2 of this whole rebuilding process. The offense didn’t have much time to work together as one all year. With the Roddy White holdout, Harry Douglas, Ovie Mughelli, Jerious Norwood, Snelling, Sam Baker & now Michael Turner. The injury bug has hit us hard to some core players. I will say that we probably need to draft a high 3rd round Michael Turneresque for added power & explosiveness in the run game. That will take a load off of Turner. It’ll take some if those carries off his hands. Keep the same type of pressure on opposing teams. It’ll make the game that much easier for Matt Ryan in year 3. We also need another WR. As far as the defense is concerned. They’re coming together. Its apparent that we’re trying to implement different looks on that side of the ball. Things would’ve been a lot easier if Middleton or Owens showed enough to become the starting left CB. That is our Achilles heel right now. Teams see those matchups & attack it. We’re also going to need a stud OLB for Peterson to groom. An OLB that has the ability to drop back & cover. I’m holding out hope that Sidbury is going to show us something before the end of this season. We’ll need to draft another DE. JA55 isn’t getting any younger. Our guys up the middle are pretty stout contrary to whatever our stats say. Our defense cannot get off the field on 3rd down because of our lack of a consistent pass rush & our nickel & dime defenders. The question there is it the personnel or the scheme? We have Curtis Lofton who is developing into a big time Superstar. Leading the NFL in tackles & I’m not talking about those Keith Brookinig pile up tackles. He’s laying the wood http://www.nfl.com/stats/player . I’m not even going to mention the kicking game. When Elam missed that field goal. Am I the only person that was thinking about looking up Morten Anderson? LOL. Jason Elam took the heat for this weeks game. http://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-falcons/elam-takes-blame-for-200366.html Stand up move on his part but a few weeks too late. Overall I’m pleased with the fact that we have been in EVERY game that we’ve lost. Football is said to be a game of inches. We’re that close people. Let’s remain patient & watch this team grow before your very eyes. It’ll feel that much better when #12 is handing out kudos to his whole team, while holding the Lombardi trophy. It’s a process. We have the most complete team than we’ve had in a long time. We have a rock solid foundation to build on. When it comes to this team. Our good definitely outweighs the bad. Tell me what you think

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