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I haven't posted on here in a while but I do read from time to time. I decide to write because you fans are the most ridiculous I have ever seen. I know that im going to get blasted for this but I'm am so glad it took Vick being a dumbbutt and going to prison to get out of here. Because ATL is not the place for to have a franchise qb. can you imaging if brett would have stayed with all the bad season that he has had. you fans would have ran him out of town despite the one SB he would have brought you. Why because you fans have no real loyal to your qb. How dare you speak ill of matty ice give him some time to grow. After all he is your guy, whether he suck or not.(personally i think he just average and wont make any real waves in this league but i can think that cuz he not my guy. I'm so glad that for what ever bone headed reason the eagles gave vick a second chance because next year he will be a starting qb for some team and will win a playoff game before the falcons do (post Vick era)i say all of this because you so called real falcons fans have no real or true loyalty to the players on your squad. You talked about how horrible Vick was and then when you finally get your G.W.HOPE, you brag about how accurate he is throwing the ball and how poised he is in the pocket (something supposedly this team has always lacked). And when the first sign of trouble comes or struggles with your new qb you want to talk all bad about him and or worst (and this is the part I love the best)say that you did want to draft him in the first place, when you were all for him last year. I told my friends who are falcons fans that the only reason you guys made it to the playoffs last year was because nobody had film on you. I got you guys going 7-9.

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