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Turner Has High Ankle Sprain


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high ankle sprain for michael turner but team is very optimistic it won't shelve him as long as high ankle sprains usually keeps a guy out"

And PFT:

Falcons optimistic about Turner's high ankle sprain

As feared, Falcons running back Michael Turner has a high ankle sprain.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, however, the Falcons are optimistic that Turner won't be out as long as usual, for such an injury.

Typically, a high-ankle sprain entails a recovery time of 4-6 weeks.

Steve Wyche of NFL.com has reported that the Falcons expect Turner to miss at least one game, and that the Falcons will re-sign running back Aaron Stecker, who was bounced Saturday as the Falcons added an extra wideout.

The 5-4 Falcons visit the 5-4 Giants on Sunday at the Meadowlands.


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Figured that when I reversed the DVR yesterday. Didn't look good. It didn't look like the worst I've seen though. We may be able to get two or three more regular season games out of him.

I am confident Snelling can get the job done in the meantime. He was one long run from doing what Jam did when Ironhead went down against TB in 96. Jam came in and put the team on his back for a win. I remember Tim Green the announcer saying who is this Jamal Anderson kid?

Snelling almost did it yesterday. 93 yards on 21 touches. Blocked on passing downs and played special teams. All in basically two quarters. The announcers were saying the same kinda things. "That's an all purpose back Moose". He needed the run Stewart got late in the game. I would have lost my mind.

Snelling changes our offense for the better. Not only can he run it but teams have to respect the pass a little more because he is our best pass blocking and pass receiving back. Better than Turner and Norwood. Norwood is definitely not the best pass blocking back.

We need to be more concerned about Ryan, Elam, Grimes, Abe and that porous run defense than Snelling.

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A little more from roto:

"FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reports that Michael Turner has been diagnosed with a high ankle sprain.

However, Glazer says the Falcons are "very optimistic" that Turner's injuy isn't as serious as most high ankle sprains. Turner has virtually no history of injuries and is only 27, so he figures to recover quickly. Still, Jason Snelling is a fair bet to pick up multiple starts. Jerious Norwood's (hip) status is uncertain for Week 11, but he'll also be worth adding in most leagues."

I'm just glad he isn't out for the year.

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He was walking on it much better than most players with high ankle sprains do so I'm guessing that it wasnt quite as severe as the one that put McNabb on the shelf a few years back.

I'm hoping he only misses the NYG game....if we could get that big break we should be ok.

I wish I could remember who this was, but someone was injured earlier this year with a high ankle sprain and missed only a game or two, if that. It'd be great if it was only 2 weeks or so we would have to go without him.

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