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elam chokes, ryan blamed, defense flamed


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With all these doubts do we deserve the play offs this year. I beleive we will find out in the next 2 weeks. For now we have to step up big time. the defense is sub par and did'nt hold the red zone like we all hoped. where was ty hill? no pressure on jake! we always pressure that guy! Ryan blamed for the deep throw i think jenkins had plenty of time to make the adjustment he just stood there. why did'nt he move about a half a foot so the ball drops on him? elam has chaked to many times this season the cowboys game was bad and so was this one. where's morten at? how about vinaterri. elams days must be up to miss a 30 somethin yarder. i like jenkins but if he can't take the ball from the air we may need to look for someone else. the guy is great when the ball is thrown perfect but who is'nt great then? gonzalez grabs it just fine in that position thats why he was there in the number 2 WR spot when we needed it not jenkins that should tell you something. our defense will get better i think but nicholas and peterson really need step it up out there. to much confusion between plays. these guys are talkin up untill the ball is snapped. what combo on d-line did we play last week. thomas johnson did'nt help us as much as vance it seems. now i know that its tough to beat a team twice a year but we had this one and let it slip away in the end. very dissapointed. if we don't win the next 2 weeks we will know we are not ready

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Ok, here is the real problem. The team isn't deep, not at all. They just are not as talented as everyone wants them to be. If everybody could have stayed healthy, maybe, just maybe, this team could have had a SB run in them. This isn't a team that was good enough to sustain those kinds of injuries.

So really there isn't a problem except for people have to realize that this is only a slightly above average football team. It wasn't easy for me to accept either, but many on here are really struggling with it.

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I don't think we are coached in fundamentals! TEAM DEFENSE! Bring back the BLACK Wave and maybe (GULP!) Glanville!

Excellent idea. When he was the HC, the Falcons accomplished the rare feat of finishing last in the league in points allowed two years in a row. In 4 years, they finished 20th or worse every year in points allowed (out of 28). I think it's a good call.

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