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I dont know if it was all on the kicker on that one today but I do believe Elam has been missing way too many kicks and it might be time to move on.

Are there any good veteran kickers on the market? I dont think getting a rook would be a very good option either.

I think we should at least have some kickers in next week for tryouts

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I think we should take a serious look at Brandon Coutu.

Last preseason he was 7 of 7 including a 48 yarder. This past preseason he was 4 of 5 including a 52 yarder and a 36 yard last second game winner. The only knock I've seen on him is that his kickoffs aren't great. Not a big deal for us given that Koenen kicks off for us anyway.

I know plenty of people have dismissed him already because Seattle let him go.. but what they didn't bother to note is that he was pushed out by one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history.. Olindo Mare. Mare is kicking at nearly 90% AND he does kickoffs.

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graham gano. He also does kickoffs.

Gano was 1 of 3 for the Ravens in preseason. That isn't very encouraging. Besides, we have kickoffs covered just fine by Koenen. I'm more worried about knowing we can count on getting a field goal when we need it than I am improving on Koenen's already good kickoffs (66.9 yard avg is good for 7th best in the league).

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