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The only bright spot of the day....


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The wheels are starting to fall of the aints, they are getting worse and worse each week. Eagles and cowboys lose. I still dont count us out for the NFC south, Saints are gonna fall apart and we'll win in the Dome. Remember this is the point of the season where teams get hot and stay hot. A strong start isn't as important as playing your best football the second part heading into the play offs. I hope we played all of our bad football and saved the "A" for the brutal rest of the season. Go Falcons.

Bump this thread when we win the division. :D Matty Ice will come back and shut up the critics, and Im gonna be optimistic an say turner is alright. That being said Falcons win out and will have home field advantage for the play offs where we are undefeated.

And Yes I am a homer, but I realize we have played probably the worst football we have seen from the Smith Era. I know Matt Ryan has played poorly and we have a lot of big injuries. But as a fan its fun to think your team can pull out the big win, and bounce back. When the Giants won the super bowl 2 years ago, they started of slow and everyone was calling for Eli's head, they got hot half way through the season and did alright.

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when saints lose it almost feels as good as when the falcons win...i look forward to seeing the pats dismantle them

Lets face it, Aints are bound to fall apart. It's slowly happened as the season went on.

Dolphins come back.....Refs against us and elam, then the Rams this week? Just watch there gonna crumble like brett favre and the jets last year.

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