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Two points for discussion


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A lot of things went wrong today and if you watch every game and follow this team on a daily basis like most of us you're not that surprised.

Let's narrow it down to 2 points that keep resurfacing;

1. Matt Ryan- he seems skiddish, not comfortable in the pocket. However I think this mindset has crept into his mechanics. Watch the last interception from today. He is not setting his feet and he is ducking the pressure rather than standing and taking the hit and the ball sails. I am a big Ryan fan and I understand the developmental period, but this seems like something problematic for a young QB and I hope the coaches can help because it's all mental.

2. Vangorder- While I understand we have missing pieces to the rebuilding of the defense his lack of blitz packages is astounding. Some of you say he is protecting our outmanned secondary, but I say he is exposing our secondary. We make Delhomme look like Montana. He has had his best 2 games against our defense. Not good.

- In my opinion something has to be done quickly to address these 2 "points" or we will be watcing the playoffs in January.

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