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Matt Ryan, Mularky, Elam


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The whole game was gut wrenching, Ryan with the Ints, Elam missing the FG, Mularky calling unnecessary plays. All in all the Falcons are still looking good, at least we have Snelling back to back up Turner. Matt is still throwing pretty well, he doe's throws ints and does make bad decisions and that overall is a blame on the whole team. Although, Matt should still play better and use the pocket time more to evaluate whos open and whos not, and whether or not its even worth it to throw the ball the way he does.

Elam on the other did miss that FG and ultimately put the falcons in a situation that no one wanted to be in, and the team definitely lost momentum. Overall we shouldn't be super ******* pissed at certain players of the team. They played a good game panthers played better and now the division games against them is 1 - 1. We are still in the race for the playoffs honestly, theres no need for the extreme ranting on the boards.

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