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Chris Houston bright spot today


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He played a great game today and Smith gave him great props in an interview.

I always hated Smith, not because he played for Carolina, but I just didn't like him. After watching the video of him talking with coach Smith and and the the things he said to him as well as giving props to Houston. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of him, but I do like him a lot more than I did.

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Houston did have a good game and does deserve props for his play today. BUT what i do NOT understand is how this coachin' staff, who can give Houston a gazillion opportunities over the last 2 seasons, can have Hill on such a short leash. :angry: WTF is that all about?? i'm hopin' there is more to Hill bein' outta the game after givin' up that TD than just the coachin' havin' a short fuse...for just him :huh:

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