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Cuddling Ryan


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We're Cuddling Ryan too much....We did the same thing to Vick....and he didn't get any better as a passer...I think we're making the same mistake with Ryan.....He has been terrible last 5 games......and Coach Smith said last week that Ryan has been playing well all year....YEAH I DON'T KNOW WHAT GAMES HE'S BEEN WATCHING!!!...or maybe he's not looking at all the INTs Ryan has been throwing....We need our Coach to get in player's face and let them know if they're not playing well or making mistakes, not Cuddle them. Maybe that fire will give better results on the field. Cause right now I don't see any direction from this Team. We should just tank the season and try to get a better pick in the Draft. I don't see us making the playoffs, not with our QB playing like that. Matt Ryan has regressed in my opinion from last year, also let's not just blame Ryan, I mean he's one to blame, but also play calling has been so predictable. Teams are loading the box on running downs, and even on passing downs we throw short passes 7 to 13 yard passes. We need to take shots deep, not just when we have to but when we don't have to, so the defenses can't figure us out. I'm just pissed by our poor performance past 5 games. With Turner and Norwood hurt, we're thin at RB, so we're prob. gonna have to throw the ball more which means more INTs for Ryan. We're not making the playoffs, sorry but that's the truth, we need 4 more wins to have back to back winning seasons, and right now I don't even see that as a possibility.

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