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The go ahead field goal

Pimpin Chirp

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That was a horrible kick, but a QB sneak on 3rd and 1 ?

I blame that call more than anything.

A FG would not have held up at that point.

When we did not make that yard, it was all down hill.

The D held after the missed FG. We make it and get a D stop, Ryan never forces that pass. Game still falls on Ryan and Elam though. We need to start looking for a new kicker.

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If we make that FG, it changes the entire game. It could've held up.

Exactly, as long as the D makes the stop, Ryan doesnt force a pass. I still think after the big punt return my Weems we should have ran Snelling on 1st. We just needed to get back in FG range and it wouldnt have hurt to run the clock some. We never should have thrown on 1st.

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i mean how do you miss that from that close like how many times aRE WE going to have to watch him kick them lame ducks like that HE HAS TO GO! i dont wanna even imagine having to see him in a playoff scenario where the game is on the line from 37 yards out like coach GM please let him go

you are so right ! what is the hold up on letting him go. I would have told him to take his gear off ri8ght then and find his own ride home. you Bum

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