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Falcons Team and Fans Bought Hype


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First off let me stress I AM A FAN. I root fot the falcons and I want them to succeed in every way possible. I however will tell it like it is. I root for Matt Ryan, but if I see that he is sucking I am not going to say the Panthers were lucky or point the blame else where. I will not distort reality just to prove to the other fans that I root for the team. I think there are 2 types of trolls on this board. Those who ONLY point to negativity and those who ONLY IMAGINE what they want the team to be. Any critizism to the team, the second variation of troll will quickly flame as if we have thought crime for doubting the falcons.

I will start with the positive. I am glad Coach Smith and TD have changed the environment of the team and I do think the falcons will be a pennerial contenders. However, because the falcons had no pressure last year the team was relaxed and they played well; So well in fact that everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

Manegement gave up a second rounder, a high pick for a TE Gonzalas who I know is a HOF player, but to be honest at 33 years old, his best days were in KC and is now a crutch for Ryan. Matt Ryan had Roddy White who did great the year before but white was not seen as a savior. Matt Ryan spread the ball around and did not just focus on any one player. Being that Gonzalas was to be the man he tries to force it to the 33 old TE thinking that he always has a favorable matchup. Obviously this is not the case. Gonzalas reminds me of when we had Joe Horn. An impressive WR who had years of great stats BUT was taken at the end of his career. Giving up the 2nd rounder year may not kill us but it will hurt.

If anything I see our strength on our defence. Yes the defence that constantly takes the blame is also on the field much longer than they should because alot of 3 and outs. For a motley crew of defenders I say they played better than expected. People, I think, give to much credit to the overhyped offence. Considering that our defence is missing its 2 first picks of this years draft and are starting a bunch of unheralded players that have kept us in games I think we ought to give the defence a break. Chris Houston for instance who gets flamed alot is not making near the money Matty Ice is. Houston is a corner with alot of upside but he was a second rounder for a reason.

I agree with other posters that our offence also is too obvious:alot of dink and dunks, qb roll outs, running the first 2 downs and having to pass on 3rd. That being said what was masked last season, the quick thinking of Ryan made it look like the O line was better than it was. Luckily, the O line is the easiest position to evalutate players in the draft and I hope they address this need in next years draft.

But I'll end it with a positive. Who ever made the schedules for teams this years picked on the falcons for some reason. The team had to play several playoff calibur teams coming off thier bye weeks and at the opponents home field. That is tough for anyone to handle. Also with the amount of injuries we had I am glad we have a winning record. Hopefully it still will be after todays game.

Finally I see the Falcons doing next year what the Saints are doing this year. We will get our players back. We will actually get to see Peria Jerry and William Moore on the field, our schedule will probably be easier, the team will have more money for much needed free agents because the cap space Vick took up will be gone, and TD and company will have another year of great drafting that will only help.

Go Falcons. Loyal fan since 1993.

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Have you been watching the second half?

No I have not been watching. I have been listening. I dont get falcons games on TV because I live up north. I try to watch if I can find live streams or if I can find radio coverage of the game. I do what I can.

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I am definately not going to call you a troll, but i am going to explain why I think we have an opportunity to be good this year. Matt Ryan has had a bad 4 or 5 game strech, but look at the beginning of the season...he was doing a great job. I think teams began to key on him more (since our running game wasn't doing well) and he started to do a lot worse. Then our running game had a resurgence, and teams are daring us to beat them with the run instead of the pass like before. I know he focuses on Tony Too much, but i think that if he makes better throws and calms down and doesn't sail it, he could complete many of them.

Secondly, I believe that our Oline is fine. People complain about our Oline..but look at the running game..its doing fine...maybe we adress a couple of the positions on it next year, but in my opinion, they're doing fine, Matt will calm down down the strech and do things like feel the pressure and not step up into it

I also see you talkin our defense up...I mean i agree people flame on them too much, but the fact of the matter is, our pass defense is terrible. It has nothing to do with money..a cb will never get the money a franchise qb will, so that has nothing to do with how well they play. Our secondary is our weakness, and if we do finnish bad this season down the strech it will be because of our secondary, not our offense.

We have a fiery Coach in Mike Smith that will rally our team and I think we will be fine this year.

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