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Norwood who?

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Yes he is! But it would be good to have Norwood for the short passing game. Hopefully if Turner is out a while we can get Norwood back and use him and Snelling to their strengths.

Yeah they all 3 have their strengths..and together they kind of are like Derrik Ward, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Brandon Jacobs for the Giants last year..I like it.

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TBH, Norwood isn't mentally strong enough to play anymore, he's so scared of the defenders everytime he has the ball and trips or stumble on purpose and then he gets injured. Snelling can do it all Special Teams, Fullback, RunningBack, Catch, Block, Rush.

Thats what happens when you get concussions but I think Norwood can still be a productive back. Maybe that is why they are keeping him out so long. Let him get his head back.

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