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this defense is horrible

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no idiot on this board can pick up for them. you dont win big games or make the playoffs with a horrible ranked 24th which is a bottom 10 defense. falcons will be 1 n done lol no wonder why this team can never or will never win a superbowl , defense wins championships not a bottom ranked defense that gets lucky turnovers.

this defense is a disgrace they all blow

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here we go with the idiots saying omg omg omg hes a fake fan omg omg leave this board your fake...... stfu idiot i am a realist and always have been. I could care less what anyone on these boards think. This defense BLOWS. we blew every week people on here make excuses for them.

The defense has done alot with smoke and mirrors. But they have been a bend and break defense all year, we've just been lucky the other team constantly shoots themselves in the foot. Not happening yet today.

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