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I don't need to tell anyone how crucial this game is for our opponent today. To go 3-6 with 3 losses in the division equates to tough sledding for the Panthers. But the urgency is the same in our locker room. Coach Smith knows how important this game is, and this team is JACKED UP.

Pregame warmups are coming to a close, and we're just 30 minutes from kickoff on this glorious November afternoon. Saying it's perfect football weather is cliche, but in this case, it couldn't be more accurate. Cloudless sky, 73 degrees, and not even a slightest breeze blowing through Bank of America Stadium.

Follow the Falcons official Twitter account for breaking news, milestones and injury updates throughout today's game: @Atlanta_Falcons. You can view the entire new media team's inside scoop by following the ongoing Twitter stream on the FalconsLIFE home page.

It's time to play some FALCONS FOOTBALL. Are you ready?


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