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ESPN Chat: Pat Yasinskas, November 13


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James (Atlanta, Ga)

Pat, who are you talking for this Sunday's game between ATL and CAR?

Pat Yasinskas (1:03 PM)

I don't do predictions. Leave that up to our TV guys.

Sporkdevil (B-Town, Indiana)

Does DeAngelo Williams go this week, or does John Fox not want to risk hurting him? If he goes down for the year Fox will certainly be fired.

Pat Yasinskas (1:03 PM)

I think he's playing. Haven't seen practice report yet today, but he went on a limited basis yesterday.

Sporkdevil (B-Town, Indiana)

D. Williams didn't practice today.

Pat Yasinskas (1:04 PM)

Thanks for the update. Well, as a general rule with Fox, if you're not practicing Friday, you don't play Sunday. We'll see if this one might be the exception.

Chris (Beaumont, CA)

Who do I start, Turner or Williams?

Pat Yasinskas (1:05 PM)

Given the latest injury update, go with Turner to be safe.

Kathryn (Atlanta, GA)

Mike Smith's been mute on the fine issue. Any inside info on his reaction to the stiff fine?

Pat Yasinskas (1:10 PM)

He can afford the fine. Actually think it was a positive overall. He already was well thought of by his players, but getting into it with DHall probably scored him even more points.

James (Atlanta, Ga)

Do you think Mike Smith could take Deangelo Hall?

Pat Yasinskas (1:13 PM)

Smitty's got a better resume to back him up.

Rum (N'awlins)

A girl scout could take d. hall. ;)

Pat Yasinskas (1:16 PM)

Just sharing Rum's opinion.

Wayne (Md)

Is it logical to think that Fox might be willing to risk it with DeAngelo Williams this weekend because without him their chances of winning drop drastically, and with it his chances of staying head coach.

Pat Yasinskas (1:19 PM)

Don't think it will be any different than usual. If he can run, he'll play. If not, he'll sit.

Jeremy (Atlanta)

Pat, how much have the Falcons missed Harry Douglas this season?

Pat Yasinskas (1:20 PM)

Fair amount. They were counting on big things from him as No. 3 WR and return man. Might have even had chance to beat out Jenkins for starting job.



Pat Yasinskas (1:23 PM)

No, too many other factors (like NFC East teams) involved to say this will decide it. But it's going to be a big help to whoever wins it.

Sid (Columbia, SC)

How does Tye Hill look (besides the INT)?

Pat Yasinskas (1:25 PM)

Saw him get beat for TD the week before in New Orleans. That and the INT are the two plays I've seen that have stood out.

John (Melbourne Florida)

Do you think Matt Ryan is getting too focused on Tony G. and the middle of the field this year? Thus throwing more INTs due to more traffic. Unlike last year where he threw more to the outside?

Pat Yasinskas (1:27 PM)

Have to agree with you on that. I think there is some of that going on.

demondre (norfolk, va)

Pat who is the best player in the Falcons secondary?

Pat Yasinskas (1:33 PM)

Erik Coleman. Then DeCoud.


How well do you think Svitek can play if Sam Baker can't make it?

Pat Yasinskas (1:35 PM)

He did all right last week. But I'm sure Panthers would put Peppers on him every play and that would be interesting.

Vance (Greensboro,NC)

Safe to say Fox is coaching for his job Sunday? No win vs. ATL means they lose the tiebreaker, even if they win out--no playoffs.

Pat Yasinskas (1:39 PM)

Yes, that's not a stretch.

Greg (Baton Rouge, LA)

Which game do you have this week?

Pat Yasinskas (1:54 PM)

Going to Atlanta at Carolina.

Sam (Apex,NC)

Who is the best quote in the NFC Stout?

Pat Yasinskas (2:03 PM)

Hmmm, right now, I'd have to really think to single one out. So I'll throw out several who are good: Mike Peterson, Jon Beason, Chris Harris, Brees, Ryan and Jon Stinchcomb. Hey, one other on my all-time list: Steve Beuerlein was outstanding. He'd be a top five guy.


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What is that last question asking?

The questioner basically wants to know who in the NFC South gives the best, most candid, quotable interviews. I was somewhat surprised that Mike Peterson got listed first, since he has only been in the NFC South for just one half of a season.

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