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Fatasy Football

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EDIT:Ooops my bad meant Fantasy Football :rolleyes:

I'm playing Espn Fantasy Football with my college buddies and a few others. Me and and one of my closer freinds' have broken away from the rest of the pack absolutely destroying the competition and spliting with each other.

His Father (My freind's) had a terrible draft and has since only had one win. Well my freind starts using his fathers team almost like his minor league team trading him for players than wear'nt necisarilly equal value but not enough for me to get too mad.

Now I get up this Morning and see this:

He's trading Joe Flacco, Patriots D, Corell Buckhalter (NONE OF THEM HIS STARTERS)

He gets Drew Brees, Ronnie Brown, Steelers D

There's no Effing way thats an equal trade.

Its abosuluty killing the spirit of Fantasy Football and almost makes me just want to quit.

Tell me I'm not crazy.

I also have a family member in the league who is hovering around .500. I almost feel like I should try something similar but that wouldn't be fair to everyone else.

mostly just wanted to rant :P

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