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Coach Smith Fine/Charity Collections EBAY AUCTIONS

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It's payday Friday so I just sent in my $20.23.... This is a great way to support charity and show love to Mike Smith who has earned our respect so very many times over! Let's all have Coach Smiths back!!

Can you imagine for just a moment how what we are doing must piss off DHall in the worst way, I am sure he will never admit that. But come on....this is eating him up...

Three main things we are accomplishing here:

1. Helping Charity

2. Showing our coach uncommon loyalty

3. Slapping DHall in his face

Talk about value for your money!! Best $20.23 I ever spent!

One last thought for DHall..... Anoha....watch the pro bowl on tv sucker!

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Maybe we could persuade Gritz or Supes to do an original thanking Finally for all he's done for this.

I know we have all given what we could, but he has really come through.

For the board? Yes. For me. Absolutely not.

People that gave money that have been out of work or that have fallen on hard times beat whatever I have done by a mile. They are the real givers here. A buck from a person that can't really afford to give it means much more than a large amount from someone who can. It is called relative value.

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