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MATT RYAN 2nd year comparison

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the first Quarter of the year he was putting up Top 5 numbers for QBs in the league.

He has had a stretch of 4 games where he has played bad since then. Which included 2 primetime games. It's obvious that Matt isn't 100% in Primetime games. But he ALSO faced TOP 10 Defenses; 2 of them coming from bye weeks and 2 weeks to prepare for matt.

Its not like he forgot to play QB all of a sudden. He will bounce back and the stats by the year's end will be awesome.

BTW- he threw for about 80% completion in the first carolina game..

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Oddest thing to me is that he is throwing a much higher % of picks this season, but throwing the ball down the field much less too.

Its kinda paradoxical what is happening. Hopefully he will chill a bit.

Because that's what he does, throw ints.

He is regressing right before our eyes

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But they tried to compare Ryan to the other QB's on the list, everyone else on the list improved their 2nd year while Ryan is regressing tremendously.

Drew Brees

16 games – 60.8% – 3,284 yds -17 TDs – 16 Ints – 76.9

11 games – 57.6% – 2,108 yds – 11 TDs – 15 Ints – 67.5

(sat rookie year)

Brett Favre

15 game – 64.1% – 3,227 – 18 TDs -13 Ints – 85.3

16 games – 60.9% -3,303 – 19 TDs – 24 Ints – 72.2


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