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THe OFFICIAL Coach Smith Fine/Charity Collections Information - Current total - $2,913.88

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Well said. There have been times in my life when buying meat at a grocery store was a rare treat. Things have improved quite a bit since then but believe me giving when it hurts means a lot more tha

I would donate, but you banned my account.

Just sent $20.23.. Can you confirm this?

I get it but there are still people who do not believe we landed men on the moon. Nothing will ever be enough for someone who is looking for a reason NOT to give.

In addition, if you go too far the other way you run the risk of appearing less trustworthy. When someone tries to hard sell trustworthiness to me I immediately begin to question it. Independent verification doesn't go that far but IMO it should stop there.

Bah, we never landed on the moon, that was obviously filmed on set in Arizona.

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Gang, now that we know the details, the Falcoholic is going to start pushing this a bit more. Dave's now in on it too and will be amending his recent post with information on the drive. If there's anything else we need to know out side of boxxy's fanpost, please let us know. tlozwarlock at yahoo dot com

Thank you tlozwarlock!

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