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THe OFFICIAL Coach Smith Fine/Charity Collections Information - Current total - $2,913.88

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Well said. There have been times in my life when buying meat at a grocery store was a rare treat. Things have improved quite a bit since then but believe me giving when it hurts means a lot more tha

I would donate, but you banned my account.

Just sent $20.23.. Can you confirm this?

I entered the amount and clicked update, but it never does. The update amt. stays highlighted the whole time, but nothing happens. Like I said I tried it multiple times and waited. I waited so long one time that it said it canceled what I did because there was no activity.

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I would suggest one of the charities our guys support - maybe we could list them and vote on it or something.

I know the NFL donates all the fine money to four foundations - the Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund, the Vincent T. Lombardi Cancer Research Center, ALSO Neuromuscular Research Foundation and the NFLPA Player Assistance Trust which helps the retired players and their families.

I would certainly be happy with any children's cause - such as St Jude or Scottish Rite or something of that nature.

Anyway - we know the money will be going to a good cause - so I'm not afraid to donate to show my support.

As I said earlier, Until we hear differently, the money is targeted to the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation.

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thats why i love this board. no matter the ups and downs we can get it right for once in a while. Rev is the man right now but as a whole WE ARE THE FANS!! it is a reason we root for them and best believe our efforts will be repaid for this one Sunday and the rest of the season. Go Falcons!!

And P.S. Rev you should send Mike Smith a little message telling him to remind the team that the fans are behind them full blast and to mention this gesture. It starts with the Front Office and ends with the Fans.

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I'm risking looking really dumb here, but does anybody know why I can't get paypal to work? I put in an amount and hit update amt. but it never updates. I tried many times and waited for over 10 minutes each time, but nothing changed. It wont let me log in without an amt. so I'm not sure what to do. I even went straight to paypal and logged in but then I couldn't find anything under falcons coach smith or anything close to that.

I've only used PayPal one other time so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

It could be because my computer is doing weird stuff today. Between getting my computer on track and paypal I've spent the last 2 and a half hours trying to figure this out.

I've never tried so hard to give money away. Only for you Smitty!!

Still need help?

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It's my wife's business account. She makes shirts.

Ah, haha now we know where to stalk you if we get banned :lol:

Naw, that would just be wrong. Hey, you should see if she could make up some T-shirts for the board members. Something really cool that everyone would want but you can only get if you are a fan and member of the board.

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