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THe OFFICIAL Coach Smith Fine/Charity Collections Information - Current total - $2,913.88


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Ok, We are officially collecting donations for Coach Mike Smith in honor of his impending fine fron the NFL. In the spirit of helping the coach "pay his fine", we are collecting funds to support the charity of Smith's choosing.

We are asking for donations of any amount. In the spirit of the "incident" that started this movement, we are asking that all donations include an extra $0.23 (D-Hall's number). so instead of donating $20, please donate $20.23.

Our initial goal is to raise $2300 $15,000 but I am sure that with the fantastic fan base we have, we can far exceed that amount!

Even if the fine does not come down on Friday, we will collect the funds and deliver them to Coach Smith.

Just like Coach Smith came to the defense of his players on Sunday, we as fans can show our coach that we will come to his defense!

Please send all donations via PayPal to https://www.paypal.c...tton_id=9617074 Let me know if you need any additional information.

ATTENTION: be sure to send as gift and NOT payment. So paypal doesn't take a cut.

We will also have news shortly of some donated items that will be sold on Ebay to support this cause.

Keep the donations coming in!!!!

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Rev, I'm getting the info out in various forms (such as Twitter) - with a link to this thread. Would you put a listing of the names and amounts donated so far in your post - with a tally - so when people click in here- they can see that it is for real and will be more likely to donate.


All I ahve is real names, not screen names. I can put out a list and take the names out.

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