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So Far At The GM Meetings...

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By Ben Nicholson-Smith [November 10 at 5:01pm CST]

If you've had a busy couple days, you're probably overwhelmed by the number of rumors that have surfaced. But worry not - here's a summary of what's happened at the Chicago GM Meetings so far:

* The Twins are considering verteran starters, including Carl Pavano.

* Nick Green and Joey Gathright became free agents. The Red Sox prevented Victor Martinez from reaching free agency, when they picked up his 2010 option, and they reached a two-year deal with the ageless Tim Wakefield. Jason Varitek's future with the Red Sox is still uncertain. If he hits the open market, the Mets won't pursue him.

* Meanwhile, the Rays made some option decisions of their own. They picked up Carl Crawford's option, but declined their options for Gregg Zaun and Brian Shouse.

* The Yankees are likely to check in on Jason Bay, Matt Holliday and John Lackey, but they're focusing on Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui and Andy Pettitte for now.

* Holliday and Bay may be too pricey for the Mets.

* The Dodgers aren't pursuing Aroldis Chapman.

* The Mariners have offered Russell Branyan and Jack Wilson contracts, but Branyan has rejected their offer.

* Randy Winn won't be back with the Giants, but there's still a chance Bengie Molina will return.

* The Cardinals would like to re-sign Matt Holliday, but they're prepared in case he signs elsewhere.

* The Cubs are looking to unload Milton Bradley, and the Rangers would consider re-acquiring him. Texas should be active on the trade market, but won't pursue top free agents.

* The Blue Jays won't settle for anything less than elite talent if they deal Roy Halladay.

* The Phillies are looking for a third baseman, but don't seem likely to pursue Halladay aggressively. Their division rivals, the Mets, will at least inquire about Doc's availability.

* John Smoltz will pitch again next year.

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