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For everyone saying that Turner is not the same back as last year


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Here's a quote from the Monday Brunch article from Yahoo Sports:

"A lot of people like to take shots at Michael Turner(notes) but let's be fair about this – he's scored in seven straight games and he's got a higher YPC this year than in his breakthrough 2008 season. He also lost a 40-yard carry Sunday due to penalty. He's a rock-solid lead back, period, end of story."

Last year his total's for the season were 376 carries for 1699 yards with a 4.5 YPC and 17 TD. Through the halfway mark he is at 156 carries (which puts him on pace for 64 less carries on the year) for 720 yards (on pace for 259 fewer yards), but has a 4.6 YPC and 10 TD( on pace for 3 more TDs).

I know the increase is negligible, but take into account that he has already matched his production in the passing game from last year, and I'd say he has maintained his role in the offense.

On a final note, I know some will say that he already has had a hard time securing the ball this year. Of the 4 fumbles, only two were lost, and he has not had any for the past 3 weeks.

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